Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy Summer!

  Here is the latest update on our family:
 We finished our 1st semester (of 2 semesters) at the Mission Training Center in Missouri the end of May. We have one more school semester and then we are being sent to AZ for 6-9 months of more training before we are sent to the field where we are needed!! We are so excited that our goal to get overseas to help the missionaries who are reaching the lost is getting closer!!! Pray for us as we work our way through the process of paperwork, school work and training. The Lord is definitely bending, stretching and molding us during this time.

Jon's modes of transportation:
Spraying Crops
Working for Air Care
Flying to get to family events
Giving Flight Instruction

Jon flew up to his parent's farm to get started with aerial spraying right away. I drove to St. Louis, MO on my way home from school and picked up my brother Matt, 17, at the airport.  We hired my Matt to help with the aerial spray business. Jon's Dad and brother usually help out, but this year they are busy with work on their farm and were not able to lend a hand. So Matt came to the rescue!! He graduated high school, hopped on a plane to join us for the Summer and gets back in time to go to college.He is a Godsend!
Between spraying crops in Minot and the surrounding areas and spraying for his Dad and Brother Jon has been filling in at his Air Care job (He flies an Air Medical Helicopter for a hospital based out of Minneapolis). If any of you know Jon, he can't sit still for a minute, always on the go!

The boys and I have traveled up to Minot a few times to be the "crew" for the guys. We fix meals, send out lunches for the guys and make parts runs. We borrowed Jon's parent's camper and parked in the shop of one of our customers. What a treat to be able to plug everything in and stay cool in the shady shop. This particular customer is a father of little boys, and we were welcome to use their boy toys, sand box and trampoline. Jaeden, Levi and Jace LOVED it up there!
 Jaeden just turned 6 this Summer. Within a week of his birthday he lost his first tooth. (He lost another one last year after he had a run in with the back end of our jeep in the driveway! But a dentist pulled that one, so technically it doesn't count!) Jaeden LOVES Legos, Star Wars and helping his little brothers. He is my soft-hearted boy who makes sure to give his Mom little gifts and flowers. :)

Levi just turned 4 this Summer. He is FULL of energy and noise. He is on the go, busy and is very easily known as our trouble maker. Whether he intends it or not, he manages to bother his brothers. Both Jaeden and Jace love Levi but sometimes they are just not sure what to do with his "enthusiasm!" ;) Levi is my little hugger. Always needs a hug from his Mom. ;)

Jace is almost 2 and tries to keep up with his brothers. I imagine him joining a football team or wrestling team. He jumps into whatever his brothers are doing whether he can keep up or not. His newest words are: Cute, Levi and Kitty. His question on a daily basis, multiple times a day: "Where's Daddy?" Even when Jon is standing right there.

Praising God for His safety so far this Summer. Jaeden, Jace and I were involved in a car accident last week after returning from MI from a family reunion. An old lady was at fault. She pulled in front of another car and me in a intersection as she turned left. Her car was totaled and the guy who hit me had pretty bad damage but our car came out of it with minor nicks. We were hit so hard we were spun 180 into oncoming traffic. What a scary feeling!! But thanking God no one was injured!

School starts August 20th back at the Mission Training Center in MO. The boys and I will be dropping Matt off at the airport August 14th and picking up my sister Rachael, 19. Rachael has come out to help us in the past with the kids. She will be our nanny/school teacher this school semester. Since I have to be at the classes with Jon we thought it would be great to have her along to help watch the kids for us. And the boys just LOVE Rachael!! :)   
Lastly, I am SO excited to announce, that I got the approval from our Student Life Director to start a Moms group for our student Moms at the Mission Training Center. Our group will meet twice a month , it will be similar to a Mom's Of Preschooler's group where we have a special speaker and small group discussions. Moms need a place to unwind, be encouraged and to know they are NOT ALONE! Pray for all of the details to come together! Our theme this year:

Prayer Requests:
1. Continued safety with all of our travels
2. Safety and wisdom for Jon as he wrangles all of his work
3. For the Lord to bless the Moms group starting at our school.

For those interested in joining our mailing list please send an email to:
And for those who are curious, I have not sent out an newsletter via snail mail yet.
Our blog will be our updated information for now. :)