Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Facebookers!

Hi there Facebook friends!
We have posted our blog on Facebook now. So now it's official! We will still send the link out to those who do not have Facebook via email and if needed, snail mail. But still working on those email/snail mail addresses...have YOU ever tried to get Jon to sit still?

If you any of you know any one who like to be added to the email list, who does not have a Facebook account please email us at:

Pray for everyone on the East Coast during this hurricane. My family lives out there. Thankfully they have sought refuge in a hotel during the storm. I will call them tomorrow to see what the damage is around there. Pray, pray, pray for safety for all! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's the hold up now?

The collection of addresses. Email address mainly. But then finding the time to sit down with my super busy pilot hubby to get him to check over the addresses to make sure I have all the the addresses he would like added to the list so we are not forgetting anyone.

Once that's done, then this blog will go out to everyone....and questions can be answered and information can start to be added.
Meanwhile...Hello!<waves hello> to our family members and a few close friends who get to read this blog before it has been made "public."