Saturday, December 17, 2011

Boxes, boys and blessings

Jon and I had the chance to share our NTM plans with our church last Sunday. It was a bitter sweet service. It was fun to share as a couple about our future plans (Lord-willing!) But it was sad to have to say goodbye to all of our friends at church.We have been blessed with an awesome church family full of friendly, sweet and encouraging people. Here is Jon and I (& a friend's little girl) answering questions.
 After the service and the worship team singing the tear-jerker song, "Friends are Friends Forever" the Pastor and the elders prayed for us. Such a nice send off!
 This whole week has been packed full of well...PACKING! Once our furniture started moving out (thanks to all of you sweeties that took our furniture for "safe keeping." LOL ;) The reality of us moving really set in.
 Then once my mom-in-law who I am lovingly calling the, "Queen of Organization" came to help me pack up most of the downstairs. She did the work of 5 people getting things boxed up and labeled. I am SO appreciative for her help!

How are the kiddos doing with these changes? The kids have been having a great time playing in all of the boxes. It's like having an indoor playground. Jace is crabbier than normal, he possibly has an ear infection.
Levi and Jaeden have both said they are really going to miss this house. I know how they feel. Jon and I both will miss our Home Sweet Home. But I am excited about "starting all over again" as far as the decor goes. It'll be fun to turn a blank canvas into a home.

Also hugs all around and often have seemed to help a lot around here!

With all of these changes and our chaotic state, I just want to say a big, THANK YOU to all of you family and friends who have been praying for us, calling us and encouraging us along the way. We could not do this without out your love and support!!!

One such dear friend wrote a sweet message on her blog right here,  Farmer Gal you are a blessing in my life!

Only a week away from our moving date....the countdown starts today!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Short and sweet

 Between packing, packing and packing some more. We have been getting together with so many friends! I got together with my sweet Momtime gal pals last night and had such a fun night of food, fun, crafts and LOTS of laughter!! I love those ladies and will always be grateful that the Lord brought them into my life. Once again: Thank you Lord for Facebook so we can stay in touch! ;)

So as far as getting everything done, it just might be a scramble to the finish! A special  thank you for the Rubbermaid containers my Mom-in-law rustled up for me in her basement. There might be some containers filled with "Misc Items" to be gone through in Missouri if need be.
Thanks to each sweet friend who came over to help me go through my things. Not only did we get stuff done, we got a chance to do some chatting and eating. Always a good combo! And I really did (Still do! HA HA!) have a lot of silk plants, didn't I?!

We gave our first NTM presentation at our church this past Sunday. Photos were taken, but have not been uploaded yet--just wee bit busy these days. But it went well and I loved how the DVD's really gave a good picture of what happens with NTM's missionaries and support missionaries. Such exciting work going on overseas! It gave me a glimpse of reality. We are leaving! We are going to MTC in just a few short weeks. Excited? Yes! Nervous? Yes! But we are so confident the Lord will lead and direct us as He wills. We just want to follow after Him.

It is late, and a lot to do and pack up tomorrow. But wanted to keep you posted on the "latest happenings."
Continue to pray for us as we get everything together!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Packing it all in!

  Whew!! What a whirlwind past few weeks! We spent a little over a week celebrating Thanksgiving with my family out East. What a great time of fun, food and laughter! My mom makes the best Thanksgiving meal ever!!! Her corn pudding is scrumptious, her turkey so moist, her pies delectable....the list goes on. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. MMMMmmmmm!

 My siblings had a drama class play they were putting on while we were there. I just need to take a minute to brag on them for a moment: It was great fun to watch my normally quiet 17-year-old brother play one of the main characters and be very articulate, with great voice projection and grow a beard for the part (!!! I used to change that boy's diapers, how can he be old enough to have whiskers?!) Not to mention the bazillion lines my 12-year-old sister had to memorize and she remembered every one of them on all 4 nights of the play. My 14-year-old sister did such a great job playing a..."shady lady" and a bird. Long story! Love you Laura Bee! ;) And my 19-year-old sister was awesome at everything she helped out with from make-up to costumes to cookie baking and even played a small part.
We hit the ground running when we got home. We headed up to Jon's parents home and picked up their pickup and their stock trailer. My Mom-in-law gave me boxes and plastic containers for me to use to pack up our stuff. Such a life saver that woman!

From their farm we drove straight to Jon's co-worker's house for his work's going away party for us. Such a beautiful home and such a fun evening! Great food and good laughs. Jon is going to really miss his co-workers who are more like family members to him. We hope to get back to visit everyone at the base when we get the chance. 
 Sunday was full and fun with friends. We are trying to spend as much time with everyone as we can before we leave. Enjoying every moment and every visit!

Today was the first day, officially of packing up our house. Had my best-est friend in the Midwest help me go through my attic and my house and find items that she could use. I kept telling her do you know how good this feels to know that all of this stuff is going to be put to good use? Not to mention, when I visit you I can see all of it again! Bonus: Free hauling away/pick up! ;) Honestly it was a little embarrassing to have someone see all of my dust bunnies and cobwebs. Thanks Q for not judging my face anyway. LOL! :) I spent the rest of the evening packing until I had to take a break for a bit. During my break I thought boy I should update our blog and get to making our prayer cards and newsletter.
The next 3 weeks will be the craziest weeks of ours lives! Lots of packing, sorting, cleaning, paper work, dropping loads of stuff off at Jon's parents house and then preparing for Christmas. My motto these days: take it one day at a time!

I am ever so grateful for my in-laws who are providing us with a place to store anything we want to hang on to for sentimental reasons, for use later in life or for whatever reason. Such a huge relief!  The rest we are bringing to Missouri.

Please continue to pray for us during this chaotic time in our lives. Pray that we can get everything done in a timely manner, that the right buyer comes around in God's perfect timing and that we make sure to keep the Lord the center focus of our lives even in all of this craziness!

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