Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The craziness continues!

Hi All,
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season spent with family and friends! We had a crazy one this year, packing up our house and driving to Jon's parent's Christmas Eve. Certainly a Christmas we will never forget! We celebrated with his family Christmas Day and then Dec 26th drove back to MN to pick up our trailer and  do a last minute clean up of our house. From there, we have been traveling around and visiting with family for the past few weeks. Such a fun and great time to see family and enjoy a little down time.

We were at Adie's parent's house in VA this past weekend and drove from VA to MO overnight on Sunday, January 15th. We arrived on campus at the Mission Training Center, Camdenton, Missouri Monday afternoon and hit the ground running. The campus provided all of the new student families with a host who provided us with a meal/dessert and help unloading our boat/trailer the moment we arrived. What a huge blessing! The weather that day was 68 degrees! Another huge blessing to have gorgeous weather to unpack. Yesterday MO was hit with a cold snap with temps in the teens at night and 30s during the day.

We moved into a fairly new lower level 3 bedroom/1 bathroom 4-plex. Very bright and open and just the perfect size for us! Our furniture fits very nicely in our new place.
Our first night here we had a TORNADO warning complete with the tornado siren going off at 11pm at night. So strange to have not only a tornado at that time of day but in the middle of January!?! We thankfully have a nice staircase right outside of our door that we hid under until the alarm went off. My first thought when I heard the alarm was, "Wow, they throw the tests at you right away, don't they?" Not until Jon pulled up the weather radar did we realize that this was not just a test, there was a tornado spotted within 4-10 minutes of our campus! Crazy times and I hear this is just the beginning of these sirens. Oh dear.

Our first day of orientation/classes began today. The rest of this week is all orientations, meet and greets, get togethers and chapel. Today we had a speaker who was from PNG, a language translator sharing her stories of what she experienced before and after she got into the field. Her story was an encouragement to us that we may have "our" plans but in the end God has THE plan for us. But our we willing to accept His plan and His will for our lives. Are we open to his guidance along the way? Good thoughts to ponder as we begin this journey into the "unknown."

We were excited to see that there are 2 other aviation families here going to school and they have little ones. We got together last night and we all hit it off. Looks like there will be many get togethers that include great food, fellowship and some good competitive game playing. (They are Settlers of Catan fans, too! :)

The boys are adjusting very well for having gone through a lot of changes. They are most excited about the community playground right outside our patio door. I am just as excited as they are because I can see it from our dining room and living room! The Lord is so good to us!

I am hoping to post pictures soon on our blog and Facebook, but need to figure out the internet around here. Please keep checking our blog or Facebook for details
Please feel free to friend us on Facebook at: Jon N Adie Leedahl if you would like to have the most updated information and pictures. We tend to upload cell phone pictures more than my regular camera.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support! We appreciate you all very much!
Love in Christ,
Adie, Jon, Jaeden, Levi and Jace Leedahl

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