Sunday, January 29, 2012

Campus life

I wanted to share a little bit about what we are studying here at the Mission Training Center (MTC). Each topic is well thought out, and put together by missionaries that have come back from the field and realized that other missionaries need to learn this stuff. It's SO GOOD!

One class we take is called Learning Styles based off the book by Cynthia Tobias called, "The Way They Learn." A great introduction to people's learning styles and dealing with different personality types. Realizing that people learn things/understand things in different ways and that graciously accepting people's differences will be and should be a way of life in ministry.

We have a Worldview Analysis class about understanding our worldview and learning to defend it. Very fascinating. Even if someone says they don't have a worldview, that is their  worldview!

We have a Ministry Practicum class where we learn how to be an outreach to everyone in our community. We are missionaries at home not just overseas.

We have chapel 2 days a week, with worship and a small teaching from a staff member or missionary guest. Very encouraging!

We have a Culture and Language Acquisition class.We are learning about understanding cultures around us and overseas to be a better about not offending people while trying to "minister" to them. To jump into a situation to try to "teach" someone or share with someone about the Lord without understanding the full circumstances can be more of a hindrance then a help.

And lastly we meet twice a week with a small group for discussion, prayer, encouragement and accountability. It's a neat way to be able to get more connected with people here on campus.

Inbetween classes and homework, since everyone lives so close to each other here on campus we've been having get togethers almost everynight and having such a great time!

Thank you for your prayers! We can definitely praise God for helping us get settled in here in MO and get adjusted to life here on campus. Keep up the prayers!!
Our love to you guys,
PS So sorry about no recent pictures. Internet is a little harder to work with down here. So pictures will slowly trickle in. 

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