Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trying New Things!

 We had our first game night with our class this past month. What a fun time of food and fellowship!! The kids just loved trying out new games (making more of a mess than anything...but had fun in the meantime!) and playing with all of the kids. Jace made the rounds that night sitting on anyone's lap and hamming it up for the ladies. I think I am going to need to watch that boy! ;)
 Levi requested (begged me daily-more like it!!) to eat Pickled Pigs Feet. He saw it in the school Food Pantry and he just had to try it! Why? I am not exactly sure why. It looked appealing to him I guess. He loved them very much! Once again, why?  Because it tasted like two of his favorite things: pork and pickles. Mmmmm yum! According to Jon, they have a nice pickley, rubbery soft taste and consistency. Yes, just makes you want to dig right in and eat yourself a foot, eh? No thanks. I am so glad Levi didn't ask me to try one. It's hard to say no to that face!
 Look at this face? Who could even try to resist him? Levi is going to be a heart breaker, I tell you what!
 Jaeden tried out the game of checkers for the first time. He loved the game and asked to play it several times in a row. I think he and Jon will definitely be the competitive game players of the family. Jaeden loves to be precise, competitive and  thinks very deeply about things, this is where he takes after his daddy. So we could have some interesting game playing "intensity" ahead with those two!

Lastly, we have a ministry class that we are taking here at school and part of the class is to get involved in an outreach of some kind. We are learning how to minister to those in our communities before we go overseas. So for our outreach we chose the nursing home. We wanted something that we could do as a family. The boys were used to going to the nursing home after visiting their Great Grandparent's often before they died. The boys just love to interact with the elderly and they help everyone feel comfortable and people are a little more willing to open up and  to share a little bit more about themselves when there are little ones.

The Director of Activities asked if some ladies from our class would be interested in starting a cheer leading team that we could practice with and eventually take to a local high school game in the Fall to do some cheers. Thank God we have a college cheerleader in our class and asked her to get us started. Thanks to Mandy who came up with cheers that we could all do that wouldn't throw out anyone's hips or be too much for the uncoordinated (and that is just talking about me!). At the end of our first practice run with the ladies, our kids sang some songs for the ladies. This really ministered to these women. One woman shared with a fellow classmate that her family did not ever come to visit her and she just enjoyed having us there. She even hugged and kissed everyone as they left that night.

Amazing that God can use the smallest of efforts to make a big impact on someone else!

Please keep us in your prayers as we try to make sure we keep our school, family life, outreach and get togethers nicely balanced so that we don't burn out before the semester is even over.
We are ENJOYING every moment that we have here!! Our fellow classmates and staff/teachers are just a great group of people!

Thank you all for your wonderful love, support, prayers and encouragement during the exciting time in our lives!!

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